Chart of Vitamin and Minerals Deficiency Diseases | Vitamin Food Chart

 Chart of Vitamin & Minerals Deficiency Diseases | Vitamin Food Chart

Vitamin and minerals dificiency deseases
Chart of vitamin deficiency diseases:
Someone rightly said “we are what we eat”. We eat different things every day and our body absorbs the nutrients from them and fulfills its  needs. Nutrients of different nature are found in different foods. Sometimes the deficiency of certain nutrients leads to some diseases .These diseases are called as vitamin and mineral Dificiency disease. If we take our food properly then we can avoid these dificiency diseases.

Let us know some of the vitamins and minerals which are essential for our body. And foods rich in vitamins and minerals. So that we stay healthy and fit and avoid dificiency diseases.

chart of vitamin deficiency diseases:

Vitamin type

Dificiency disease

Vitamin rich foods     

Vitamin A Night Blindness  Egg, fish, liver, sweet potato, carrot, mangoes etc.
Vitamin B1 Beri Beri seeds, nuts, beans, tofu, brown rice etc.
Vitamin B2 Retarted growth, bad skin dairy milk, yogurt, cheese, egg, salmon etc.
Vitamin B6 Anaemia, skin disorder peanuts, soyabean, oats, bananas etc.
Vitamin B12 Anaemia egg, milk, yogurt, beef, liver, cheese
Vitamin C Scurvy Brocolli, kiwi, strawberry, papaya, guava, lemon, amla etc.
Vitamin D Rickets flesh of fatty fish, cheese, liver, milk, mushroom, tofu
Vitamink decreased blood coagulation  green leafy vegetables, soybeen, natto, kale etc.
These were the some of the important vitamins difficiency diseases list along with the names of foods which are rich in these respective vitamins. Now let us know some minerals along with their deficiency diseases in the form of a easy chart.

Chart of Minaral Deficiency Diseases :


Dificiency desease

Mineral rich food

Iodine Goitre, enlarged thyroid gland. seaweed, fish(cod, tuna), shrimp, milk, yogurt, cheese etc
Iron Anaemia spinach, soyabean, dark chocolate, lentils, oysters etc.
Calcium brittle bones, excessive bleeding dairy products, figs, yogurt, dark green leafy vegetables, oranges etc.
Copper low appetite, Retarted growth mashroom, beef liver, oysters, cashew nuts,  tofu, dark chocolate etc.
Phosphorus Bad teeth and bones red meat, poultry, dairy products, beans, yeast etc.
Sodium Hyponatremia  pizza, sandwiches, salad, cheese, pickels, tommato sauce etc.

Last words:

Hope you liked the chart of Vitamin and mineral dificiency diseases and the food rich in these respective vitamins and minerals. Do share it with your friends. Comment bellow thoughts and advices. Thanks for reading.

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