Counting/Numbers in sanskrit 1 to 100

Counting/Numbers in sanskrit 1 to 100

Numbers in sanskrit 1 to 100: In this blog, we have created a category on Sanskrit. Readers who do not know Sanskrit and want to learn it from the basics can follow these articles. This is also one of these kinds of articles.

To know any language, it is also necessary to know the counting of that language, so in this article you will learn the numbers in Sanskrit from 1 to 100.

For easy understanding, we have presented it in the form of a table. Along with this, transliteration of Sanskrit in English has also been given.

Numbers in sanskrit 1 to 100

Counting/Numbers in sanskrit 1 to 100

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Let’s know numbers in Sanskrit, 1 to 100.

Sr. no.EnglishSanskritTransliteration
3Three त्रीणिtrīṇi
4Four चत्वारिcatvārī
5Five पञ्चpancaḥ
6Six षट्ṣhat
7Seven सप्तमःsaptamaḥ
8Eight अष्टमःaṣṭamaḥ
9Nine नवमःnavamaḥ
10Ten दशमःdaśamaḥ
11Eleven एकादश:ekādaśaḥ
12Twelve द्वादश:dvādaśaḥ
13Thirteen त्रयोदश:trayodaśaḥ
14Fourteen चतर्दश:caturdaśaḥ
16Sixteen षोड़श:ṣodaśaḥ
17Seventeen सप्तदासःsaptadaśaḥ
18Eighteen अष्टादश:aṣṭādaśaḥ
19Nineteen नवदशnávadas
21Twenty oneएकाविशतिःekaviṃśatiḥ
22Twenty two द्वाविशतिः dvāviṃśatiḥ
23Twenty three त्रयोविशतिः trayoviṃśatiḥ
24Twenty fourचतुर्विशतिःcaturviṃśatiḥ
25Twenty Fiveपञ्चविंशतिःpañcaviṃśatiḥ
26Twenty Six षड्‌विंशतिःṣaḍviṃśatiḥ
27Twenty Seven सप्तविंशति:saptaviṃśatiḥ
28Twenty Eight अष्टविंशतिः aṣṭaviṃśatiḥ
29Twenty Nineनवविंशतिnavaviṃśatiḥ
31Thirty one एकात्रिंशत्ekatriṃśat
32Thirty two द्वात्रिंशत्dvātriṃśat
33Thirty three त्रयत्रिंशत्trayastriṃśat
34Thirty four चतुस्त्रिंशत् caturtriṃśat
35Thirty fiveपञ्चत्रिंशत्pañcatriṃśat
36Thirty six षट्त्रिंशत्ṣaṭtriṃśat
37Thirty seven सप्तत्रिंशत्saptatriṃśat
38Thirty eight अष्टात्रिंशत्aṣṭātriṃśat
39Thirty nine एकोनचत्वारिंशत्ekonacatvāriṃśat
40Forty चत्वारिंशत्catvāriṃśat
41Forty one एकचत्वारिंशत्ekacatvāriṃśat
42Forty two द्विचत्वारिंशत्dvācatvāriṃśat
43Forty three त्रिचत्वारिंशत्tricatvāriṃśat
44Forty four चतुश्चत्वारिंशत्catuścatvāriṃśat
45Forty five पञ्चचत्वारिंशत्paṃcacatvāriṃśat
46Forty six षट्चत्वारिंशत्ṣaṭcatvāriṃśat
47Forty seven सप्तचत्वारिंशत्saptacatvāriṃśat
48Forty eight अष्टचत्वारिंशत्aṣṭacatvāriṃśat
49Forty nine एकोनपञ्चाशत्ekonapañcāśat
50Fifty पञ्चाशत्pañcāśat

So that was the numbering in Sanskrit from 1 to 50; now let’s complete the 1–100 numbers in Sanskrit.

51Fifty oneएकपञ्चाशत्ekapañcāśat
52Fifty two द्विपञ्चाशत्dvāpañcāśat
53Fifty three त्रिपञ्चाशत्tripañcāśat
54Fifty fourचतुःपञ्चाशत्catuḥpañcāśat
55Fifty fiveपञ्चपञ्चाशत्pañcapañcāśat
56Fifty six षट्पञ्चाशत्ṣaṭpañcāśat
57Fifty sevenसप्तपञ्चाशत्saptapañcāśat
58Fifty eightअष्टपञ्चाशत्aṣṭapañcāśat
59Fifty nine एकोनषष्ठिekonaṣaṣṭiḥ
60Sixty षष्ठिःṣaṣṭiḥ
61Sixty one एकषष्ठी:ekaṣaṣṭiḥ
62Sixty two द्विषष्ठि:dviṣaṣṭiḥ
63Sixty three त्रिषष्ठि:triṣaṣṭiḥ
64Sixty four चतुःषष्ठि:catuḥṣaṣṭiḥ
65Sixty five पञ्चषष्ठि:paṃcaṣaṣṭiḥ
66Sixty six षट्षष्ठि:ṣaṭṣaṣṭiḥ
67Sixty seven सप्तषष्ठिःsaptaṣaṣṭiḥ
68Sixty eight अष्टषष्ठिःaṣṭaṣaṣṭiḥ
69Sixty nineएकोनसप्ततिःekonasaptatiḥ
71Seventy oneएकसप्ततिःekasaptatiḥ
72Seventy twoद्विसप्ततिःdvisaptatiḥ
73Seventy threeत्रिसप्ततिःtrisaptatiḥ
74Seventy fourचतुःसप्ततिःcatuḥsaptatiḥ
75Seventy fiveपञ्चसप्प्तिःpaṃcasaptatiḥ
76Seventy sixषट्सप्तति:ṣaṭsaptatiḥ
77Seventy sevenसप्तसप्ततिःsaptasaptatiḥ
78Seventy eightअष्टसप्ततिःaṣṭasaptatiḥ
79Seventy nine एकोनाशीतिःekonāśītiḥ
80Eighty अशीतिःaśītiḥ
81Eighty oneएकाशीतिःekāśītiḥ
82Eighty twoव्दशीतिःdvāśītiḥ
83Eighty threeत्र्यशीतिःtrayāśītiḥ
84Eighty fourचतुरशीतिःcaturāśītiḥ
85Eighty fiveपञ्चाशीतिःpaṃcāśītiḥ
86Eighty six षडशीतिःṣaḍaśītiḥ
87Eighty seven सप्ताशीतिःsaptāśītiḥ
88Eighty eightअष्टाशीतिःsaptāśītiḥ
89Eighty nineएकोननवतिःekonanavatiḥ
90Ninety नवतिःnavatiḥ
91Ninety oneएकनवतिःekanavatiḥ
92Ninety twoद्विनवतिःdvānavatiḥ
93Ninety threeत्रिनवतिःtrinavatiḥ
94Ninety fourचतुर्नवतिःcaturnavatiḥ
95Ninety fiveपञ्चनवतिःpaṃcanavatiḥ
96Ninety sixषण्णवतिःṣaṇṇavatiḥ
97Ninety sevenसप्तनवतिःsaptanavatiḥ
98Ninety eightअष्टनवतिःaṣṭanavatiḥ
99Ninety nineनवनवतिःnavanavatiḥ

Wrap up

So in this article, you have come to know the numbers in Sanskrit from 1 to 100. Along with this, you also learned their transliteration in English.

We will keep trying to share the updated information with you through this blog.

Last words

I hope you have loved this article. You must have gotten a lot of information from this article. You can find more such articles on our blog.

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