Names of Rivers in Pakistan | List of Rivers of Pakistan

 Names of Rivers in Pakistan | List of Rivers of Pakistan

 Names of Rivers in Pakistan:  River is a very beautiful part of nature. The river plays an important role in the development of the animals and plants found in the country. Especially rivers prove to be very helpful in irrigation of crops grown in the country.

 Many rivers flow in the country of Pakistan too, which plays a big role in the production of crops and natural things of Pakistan. In this article, we will learn about the names of rivers in Pakistan and some special rivers.

Names of rivers in Pakistan

30 Names of Rivers In Pakistan ?

  • Indus River
  • Astar River
  • Dasht River
  • Hungal River
  • Tochi River
  • Lyari River
  • Kurram River
  • Jhelum River
  • Kabul River
  • Swaan River
  • Kundra River
  • Panjnad River
  • Shimshal River
  • Chenab River
  • Ravi River
  • Malir River
  • Zhob River
  • Swat River
  • Shigar River
  • Kunhar River
  • Beas River
  • Hub River
  • Gomal River
  • Ghizar River
  • Hunza River
  • Sutlej River
  • Pastiari River
  • Ghaggar River
  • Hakra River
  • Gambia River
  • Pastiari River

Major rivers of pakistan:

1.Indus River:

  Indus river is the longest river of asia. Indus river is the major river of Pakistan . It is also the national river of Pakistan. It rises from tibetan plateau. It passes through the ladakh region of jammu and Kashmir.

2.Sutlej River: 

Sutlej river is the tributary of Indus river.Its lenght is about 1500 km.It passes through various districts of pakistan.

3.Ravi River:

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4:Chenab River:

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5:Jhelum River: 

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These were the names of rivers in Pakistan . Share this article with your friends. Thanks for reading !!

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