National Animal of Different Countries with pictures (August, 2022)

 National Animal of Different Countries with Pictures

National Animals of different countries

Each country has chosen its national animal.
It is considered a symbol of the country’s features. The national animal of some countries is selected for some special reasons. The national animal of some countries is also the same.

We have made a list of national animals of different countries so that your knowledge can increase, we have organized this list in the form of a simple table for easy understanding. Let’s know.

National Animal of All Countries with Pictures:

Country’s Name

National Animal name for different countries National Animals of different countries with pictures
India, Bangladesh Royal Bengal Tiger
America American bison

Thailand Thai elephant
Indonesia Komodo dragon

Vietnam Water buffalo

Finland, Russia Brown bear
Malaysia The Malayan tiger
Canada beaver
Japan, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait Oryx
Peru Vicuña
Brazil  Jaguar
Romania Eurasian lynx

Pakistan Markhor
Uk, Gambia, Luxembourg, Kenya, Singapore, Srilanka, Sirrraleone, Libya, Tago Lion
Phillipines  Karabao
Ivory coast Elephant 
Algeria  Fennec fox
New zealand Kiwi
Democratic republic of cango Okapi
Azerbaijan karabak horses

Cambodia kouprey
Iraq Goat
China Giant panda
Tanzania girrafe
Laos  Indian elephant
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Camel
Australia Red Kangaroo
Italy wolf 
Afganistan  snow leopard
Spain Bull
Somalia leopard
France Gallic rooster
Belarus European bison
Gabon Black Panther

Grey wolf

Tanjania Masai giraffe
Nepal Cow

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