30+ Names of Fruit in Sanskrit with pictures | फलों के नाम संस्कृत में

 Names of Fruit in Sanskrit with pictures |फलों के नाम संस्कृत में

Names of Fruit in Sanskrit with pictures: We all love the fruits. Definitely, fruits are the beautiful gift of nature. Many types of fruits are exists in nature.
In this article you will find the Names of Fruit in Sanskrit with pictures. All info is presend inthe form of table.so that it become easy to understand.

Names of Fruit in Sanskrit with pictures |फलों के नाम संस्कृत मे

Fruits Name in English/Hindi Fruits Name in Sanskrit Fruit Image
Mango/आम आम्र
Banana/केला कदलीफल
Apple/सेब स्वादुफल,सेवफल
Guava/अमरूद बीजपूर
Papaya/पपीता मधुकर्कटी
Coconut/नारियल नारिकेल row6 col 3
Pineapple/अनानास अनास row7 col 3
Orange/संतरा कौसौम्भ row8 col 3
Date/खजूर row9 col 2 row9 col 3
Pomegranate/अनार दन्तबीज row10 col 3
Fig/अंजीर row11 col 2 row11 col 3
Olive/जैतून जितवृक्ष row12 col 3
Palm/ताड़ का फल row13 col 2 row13 col 3
Strawberry/स्ट्रॉबेरी तृणबदर row14 col 3
Cherry/चेरी प्रबदर row15 col 3
Custard apple/शरीफा बहुबीज row16 col 3
Water melon/तरबूज कालिङ्ग row17 col 3
Sapota/चीकू row18 col 2 row18 col 3
Nasberry/ row19 col 2 row19 col 3
Sweet Orange/ row20 col 2 row20 col 3
Water Chestnut/ row21 col 2 row21 col 3
Peach/ आरुक row22 col 3
Sugarcane/गन्ना महाक्षीर row23 col 3
Mulberry/ row24 col 2 row24 col 3
Tamarind/ तिन्त्रिणी row25 col 3
Lemon/नींबू जम्बीर row26 col 3
Apricots/ प्रियालु row27 col 3
Avocado/ row28 col 2 row28 col 3
Wood apple/ श्रीफल row29 col 3
Pomelo/ row30 col 2 row30 col 3
Plum/ row31 col 2 row31 col 3
Breadfruit/ पनस row32 col 3
Muskmelon/ row33 col 2 row33 col 3
Blueberry/ नीलबदरी row34 col 3
Dragon fruit/ row35 col 2 row35 col 3
Goose berry/ row36 col 2 row36 col 3
Soursop/ row37 col 2 row37 col 3
Roseapple, bellfruit/ सुरभीपत्त्रा row38 col 3
Red banana/ row39 col 2 row39 col 3
Jackfruit/ सुरजःफल row40 col 3
Passion/ row41 col 2 row41 col 3
Quince/ row42 col 2 row42 col 3
Grape/अंगूर यक्ष्मघ्नी row43 col 
Pear/ अमृतफल row44 col 3
Prickly pear/ row45 col 2 row45 col 3
Star fruit/ रुजाकर row46 col 3
Kiwi/कीवी फल row47 col 2 row47 col 3
Java plum/ row48 col 2 row48 col 3
Grape fruits/चकोतरा करुण row49 col 3
Jujube/ बेर बदर row50 col 3

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