Counting 1-100 in Punjabi

 Counting 1-100 in Punjabi

Counting 1-100 in punjabi: Many peoples tries to learn panjabi language. May be because of a hobby or need. So, to learn any language one should first learn its basics. The most basic things of any language are alphabet and numbers.
Here we are sharing counting 1-100 in punjabi along with english counting. All information is hoven in the form of a table so that it will be easy to understand. Read out the punjabi number names.
Counting 1-100 in punjabi

Counting 1-100 in punjabi:

Number Names in English Number Names in punjabi
1_One       १- ikk
2_Two २-Do
3_Three ३-Tin
4_Four ४-Char
5_Five ੫-Panj
6_Six ੬-Chee
7_Seven ੭-Satt
8_Eight ੮-Aath
9_Nine ੯-No
10_Ten ੧੦-Das
11_Eleven Gayara
12_Twelve Barha
13_Thirteen Tera
14_Fourteen Choda
15_Fifteen Pandra
16_Sixteen Sola
17_Seventeen Satra
18_Eighteen Aathra
19_Nineteen Uni
20_Twenty Vi
21_Twenty one Ikii
22_Twenty two Bai
23_Twenty three Tayi
24_Twenty four Chovi
25_Twenty five Pachee
26_Twenty six Chabii
27_Twenty seven Chatayi
28_Twenty eight Aathadyi
29_Twenty nine Uniti
30_Thirty Ti
31_Thirty one Ikati
32_Thirty two Bati
33_Thirty three Tenti
34_Thirty four Chonti
35_Thirty five Panit
36_Thirty six Chati
37_Thirty seven Senti
38_Thirty eight Aatdi
39_Thirty nine Unitali
40_Forty Chali
41_Forty one Iktali
42_Forty two Bayali
43_Forty three Tartali
44_Forty four Chowalli
45_Forty five Pantali
46_Forty Six Chayali
47_Forty Seven Santali
48_Forty Eight Aatali
49_Forty Nine Unija
50_Fifty Panja
51_Fifty One Ikyavan
52_Fifty Two Bawan
53_Fifty Three Terepan
54_Fifty Four Chovan
55_Fifty Five Pachpan
56_Fifty Six Shapan
57_Fifty Seven Stavan
58_Fifty Eight Aatdvan
59_Fifty Nine Unijana
60_Sixty Sath
61_Sixty One Ikath
62_Sixty Two Bath
63_Sixty Three Tereth
64_Sixty Four Chovan
65_Sixty Five Pansath
66_Sixty Six Sayath
67_Sixty Seven Satatt
68_Sixty Eight Athaath
69_Sixty Nine Untarh
70_Seventy Satar
71_Seventy One Ikatar
72_Seventy Two Bathar
73_Seventy Three Tereth
74_Seventy Four Chonth
75_Seventy Five Pachtar
76_Seventy Six Sihatar
77_Seventy Seven Satatar
78_Seventy Eight Athatar
79_Seventy Nine Uniasiy
80_Eighty Asi
81_Eighty One Ikisac
82_Eighty Two Biac
83_Eighty Three Tirak
84_Eighty Four Choarc
85_Eighty Five Pacahc
86_Eighty Six Sehachi
87_Eighty Seven Satachi
88_Eighty Eight Atathc
89_Eighty Nine Unanvey
90_Ninety Nubey
91_Ninety_One Ikanvey
92_Ninety Two Banvey
93_Ninety Three Tarnvey
94_Ninety Four Chornvey
95_Ninety Five Pachanvey
96_Ninety Six Shayanvey
97_Ninty Seven Satanvey
98_Ninty Eight Athanvey
99_Ninty Nine Nadinvey
100_Hundred So

This was the counting 1-100 in punjabi. Hope you likes it. Do share it with your friends.

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