How many airports in mumbai | Airports in mumbai

How many airports in mumbai | Airports in mumbai

Airports and air services make our travel very easy. Compared to other modes of travel, air travel also saves us time and is a more comfortable mode of travel.

What is the condition of air travel in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra and India’s biggest and most popular city? How many airports are there in Mumbai? Mumbai airport name? popular airlines prevailing in these airports? We will learn about all these topics in this article. After reading the article, you will get all these answers.

There is only one airport in Mumbai named as Chatrapati Shivaji international airport (CSIA). Let us know the division of this airport and some important information related to it.

How many airports in mumbai

How many airports in mumbai |Airports in mumbai

Mumbai currently has only one airport, known as Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA). Its airport code is BOI.

Information about airports in different states of India and links to such important articles are given below; you must read them too.

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Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport (BOI)

Location: the suburb of Andheri in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (28 km north of the city center).

This airport is one of the busiest airports in India. This airport handles both domestic and international air traffic.

This airport is operated by Mumbai Inter Airport Limited (MIAL).

This CSIA airport is well connected to major cities in India and around the world.

According to the traffic type, this airport is divided into two parts, i.e., terminal 1 and terminal 2. Let us know in detail about these two terminals.

Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport​ Terminal 1

Terminal 1 of BOI airport is used for domestic flights and handles domestic air traffic.

This terminal is further divided into 1A, 1B, and 1C.

This terminal is capable of handling 9 million passengers annually.

Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport​ Terminal 2

Terminal 2 of BOI airport is used for international flights and handles international air traffic. Terminal 2 is capable of handling 40 million passengers annually.

This terminal is considered one of the most advanced and modern in the world and has won many awards for its design and facilities.

Mumbai International airport (BOI)| Mumbai Airport

Top airlines (both international and domestic): Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, and many more.

The airport provides most of the needed services for passengers and provides them comfort. Some of the facilities are listed below.

Facilities: luggage, restaurants, cafes, duty free shoping, currency exchange, ATM, baggage, storage and many more.

Transport: This airport is well connected to various modes of transportation (taxis, buses, and trains). The Mumbai Metro has a station at the airport that connects various parts of the city with the airport.

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So in this article, you have come to know how many airports there are in Mumbai and what their names are. And we also got important information about these airports and their terminals.

I hope this article has given you answers to important questions.


Q_How many airports are there in mumbai?

A_1 (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport)

Q_How many terminals in mumbai international airport?

A_2 (CSIA Terminal 1 and CSIA Terminal 2)

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